3DSiteworx is rapidly becoming the Colorado construction industry’s “go-to” provider for total station layouts. Having pioneered the process of using advanced surveying equipment for fast and accurate construction layouts more than twenty years ago, we have perfected our process while working for various contractors and subcontractors throughout the state.

Now any company can take advantage of this advanced method of construction layout by partnering with us. We can provide modeling and CAD layouts through our sister company 3DBIMworx or we can use CAD files provided by your own department or from others. Any point that exists in CAD or Revit has X, Y, and Z coordinates that we can use quickly and precisely locate sleeves, hangers, walls, embeds, or anything else that needs to be located accurately on your job site.


We are 3D SITEworx, a team of construction professional dedicated to providing contractors like you with the ability to have your systems laid out on site with the latest in advanced technology, with more speed and precision than ever before, saving you time, money and eliminating costly re-work.

Mission / Vision

We will provide professional, accurate layout services to our customers so that they can provide a professional and accurate install. Every quality install begins with an accurate layout. Our success is driven by ensuring our customer’s success.